Neighborhood Yard Sale - Last Call

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Neighbors, the Yard Sale is scheduled for next Saturday, April 24, weather permitting.  Below is the list of addresses that have confirmed participation.  If you are not on this list and would like to be, please email me ( and I will ensure you are added.  If you are listed below, but plans have changed, please let me know as well, and we will remove you.
We will place signs advertising the sale next week, and we will advertise all addresses online.  On the day of, I will put balloons on each mailbox.  Please make sure to let shoppers know about other houses in the neighborhood.
We anticipate advertising the sale will be from 8-3.  If you need to wrap up before the end of the sale, feel free to do so.
3817 Byrnwyck Place
3853 Byrnwyck Place
3900 Byrnwyck Place
3892 Byrnwyck Place
809 Byrnwyck Road 
881 Byrnwyck Road
825 Byrnwyck Road
949 Byrnwyck Road
1038 Byrnwyck Road
1115 Byrnwyck Road
1179 Byrnwyck Road
1086 Byrnwyck Trail
3914 Downing Lane 
3958 Preston Court 
3983 Fernway Court